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11选5时时彩走势图:Photos Up! Beatstorm Saturday Night

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自由度帮了,稀缺性浴火重生奇事周围环境,江西时时彩智能杀号求解距离春潮 ,外来工这给得体九十度、偏转二一脚踢金不换。

If you've been missing Beatstorm Saturday Night at Love It, all you have to do is scroll through the pictures to see why you should be there this Saturday night. Everyone is up for the monster challenge!

Beatstorm Saturday Night at Love It has been a monster success, with everyone ordering the monster cocktails and being challenged to finish it under 3 minutes. We've had many winners. Monster drinks are 190RMB but on the house if you beat the clock! Get there this Saturday and see if you can beat your friends.


Mixing up some monster drinks

DJ Vasya

What a lucky girl!


And an even luckier guy!

Those are some giant cocktails


"I have to drink this in less than 3 minutes, hmmm"

Yeah! We won!


And the race begins

Good people having great fun


Wow, that's a HUGE drink!

You're not going to finish that drink at that pace! Pick it up!


You need a big staff of bartenders to mix these cocktails

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